G. Legacy Pumpen & Prozesstechnik GmbH and FluidScience Dynamics Pte Ltd. (FSD) are stepping up their long-standing business relationship through the implementation of a strategic partnership. The goal of this new partnership is to pool their long-standing experience in order to provide the Oil and Gas sectors efficient solutions in Multiphase Technology. To this end, FSD have become shareholders in G. Legacy Pumpen & Prozesstechnik GmbH (GERMAN LEGACY).

The headquarter in Schaumburg, Germany, will be upgraded into a Competence Center, from which worldwide projects will be developed, coordinated and overseen. FSD will contribute to this new partnership with its expertise in the field of Turbo Compressors and its global client base, particularly in the Asian and Arabic areas. This will give German Legacy the chance to establish its comprehensive know-how in the field of Multiphase Boosting on the world stage.

We understand the needs of our clients and the requirements of oil and gas production. Our systems help to significantly reduce the cost of production and, at the same time, to increase the production rate and the yield of the deposits. Furthermore, we offer our clients solutions from engineering services for FEED studies to all-round solutions with further equipment, which is necessary between the deposits and the processing stations.

Our focus is on the optimal use of limited resources. Our calling is to extract these resources as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. We have the know-how and deliver excellent solutions, Made in Germany. Our decentralised structures equip us to deal with current technical and social challenges and allow us to look ahead with great confidence.

More information about FluidScience Dynamics: http://www.fluidscdynamics.com/