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Industrial-, Oil- and Tank Farms

Our screw pumps are successfully used in tank terminals worldwide. A wide variety of products, from petrol to bitumen, can be conveyed. This applies to the loading and unloading of ships, wagons and tankers as well as to pumping from tank to tank or through long pipelines. The delivery rate can always be regulated individually so that complete tank emptying is also achieved.

Heavy oil, crude oil, barrel oil, additives, base oil, light hydrocarbons are typical fluids handled by German Legacy screw pumps, even in applications where high pumping speed is required.

Viscosities vary from 1…2000 cSt.

Flow rates of up to 2400 m³/h and 16 bar differential pressure are possible.

Adjustable delivery speeds are a further advantage, especially for large delivery volumes. Volume control by a factor of 10 is possible without shutdowns and without the need for retooling.

German Legacy screw pumps ensure overall reliable performance and a timely return on investment.

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