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Screw Pumps

Screw pumps are rotating positive displacement pumps that pump media without pulsation, regardless of their density or viscosity. In many applications, the special suction capacity of the pump is also used.

Drop fit – The screw pumps we supply have connection dimensions that comply with the Bornemann* standard.

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For other manufacturers, we offer correspondingly adapted units or supplementary adapters. This means that our pumps can usually be easily installed in existing environments without modification.

  • Dimensions and performance analogous to Bornemann* pumps
  • Self-priming with NPSH values up to 1.5m
  • Horizontal and vertical versions
  • Housing made of casted iron or in welded design up to a pressure rating of 50 bar
  • External bearing, oil and grease lubricated
  • Engineered rotors (shafts and feed screws mounted)
  • Media temperatures up to 250°C
  • Viscosity of the fluids: 0…100.000 cSt
  • Differential pressure up to 40 bar
  • Design according to CE and ATEX
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