Repair kit soft pack

Contains all spare parts for changing a stuffing box packing / soft packing.


Repair kit soft pack / stuffing box packing for Bornemann E4L 236 progressive cavity pumps / mono pumps

Our “Repair kit soft pack for Bornemann E4L 236” contains spare parts to repair or replace a damaged soft pack.


  1. Stuffing box housing, drawing position 003
  2. Stuffing box gland, drawing position 004
  3. Flat gasket, drawing position 025
  4. T-head bolt, drawing position 044
  5. T-head bolt, drawing position 045
  6. 5 soft pack rings

Our tip: Soft packs are contact seals for dynamic sealing of the pump shafts. They are slightly permeable and thus ensure sufficient lubrication. They wear out over time and should be regularly checked and, if necessary, replaced.

Other name for soft packings: “stuffing box packing”.


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