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For GERMAN LEGACY, plant availability is the most important aspect! That is why we offer our customers the complete range of services for pumps and process plants.

We ensure that the right spare parts are always available and repair our own pumps as well as those of international manufacturers. In addition, we provide proven maintenance and repair concepts and train customer employees. Our commitment to our customers already begins with a successful commissioning. In the long term, we also operate pump stations and process plants. We increase their performance through continuous optimisation and ensure a long service life.

Shelf with spare and wear parts

Spare & Wear Parts and Reverse Engineering

German Legacy supplies spare parts for almost all pumps and process equipment from various manufacturers. We offer our customers original spare parts, on request also alternatives in OEM quality. – This includes, among others, pumps from Bornemann*, Steiblé (pièces de rechange Steiblé), Netzsch, Seepex, Wangen, Allweiler.

The basic prerequisite for high plant availability is essentially that the right spare parts are on site at the right time. German Legacy realises this through professional spare parts management.

We carry spare parts even for quite old systems. Should these no longer be available, we also offer our customers reverse engineering for special components. Get in touch with us!

Screw pump disassembled for servicing

Repair works

German Legacy repairs and maintains pumps and process equipment. Our service engineers and technicians are available worldwide and carry out qualified repairs of our own pumps and systems, but also of pumps from other manufacturers.


We supply pump and process systems and usually also commission them on site. The aim here is, on the one hand, to ensure the quickest possible start of the operation and, on the other hand, to identify plant potential at an early stage. You benefit from our many years of experience from a wide range of installations.

Plant Operation

We offer our customers comprehensive service on request: We operate your systems, take care of maintenance and spare parts management and you benefit from our experience and the possibilities offered by a worldwide service network. In addition to the maximum plant availability that we then ensure, our customers can then achieve further benefits:

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