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Multiphase Systems

Multiphase pumps are installed and operated as complete systems because this ensures that the pumps function under all possible circumstances. The type of pump used, the system design and the components selected depend on the respective applications and are put together specifically.

In addition to the actual production data such as volumes, pressures and temperatures, the GERMAN LEGACY team also looks at the field layout, geographical conditions, existing infrastructures through to the technical details at the wells and their immediate surroundings and offers whole/long-text solutions.

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GERMAN LEGACY’s multiphase systems consist of single or multiple screw pumps (single-flow and/or double-flow), eccentric screw pumps or helicoaxial pumps, depending on the required production data and conditions on site. For optimisation purposes, different pump technologies are often combined in order to exploit the respective advantages for the customer. Depending on the conditions on site, we select the optimum and thus most cost-effective variant for the customer from various drive solutions. We consider everything from explosion-proof electric motors, low or high voltage, gas or diesel engines to hydraulic drive concepts for remote installations. All multiphase systems are supplied including our fluid management system, the drive technology, the supply systems for mechanical seals and lubricating oil as well as the necessary instrumentation and control. In doing so, we have developed a cost-effective standard that we use in our operator models in particular.

All systems are delivered as “turn-key” systems, i.e. including all necessary components and installed by us. In addition, we also operate the plants for our customers and train their employees so that our customers can get the maximum benefit from the plant. Furthermore, we offer rental and leasing models as a commercial, complete solution.

We also prepare the design for a complete field over the life cycle of 25 years and beyond. In addition to the multiphase systems themselves, the subsequent use of other artificial lifting solutions should also be considered, which we then also design, supply, install and, if desired, operate for our customers.
> Multiphase Aided Field Development

  • 100% of multiphase solutions from a single source
  • Individual adjustment of the head pressure for individual bores
  • Optimal pump technology, specific for each application
  • Solutions with up to 60% reduced drive power
  • Optimised installation layout guarantees minimised operating costs
  • High performance through optimal design and maximum manufacturing quality, following the standards of Bornemann*.
  • High availability of over 95% or more than 345 days per year guarantees maximum oil production
  • Each borehole can be individually supplemented with further technologies according to its performance
  • The optimum pump technology for each application
  • From individual pump units to complete pump stations with several pumps in parallel and/or in series
  • Pumps with drive and auxiliary units on common base plates
  • Piping optimised for the individual application on separate base plate
  • Optimised recirculation to avoid wear and heating of the pumps
  • Maximum safety due to metal-seated ball valves on suction and discharge side, fireproof according to API 6, fail safe close.
  • Individual drive solutions:
    ◦ Low or medium voltage motors with frequency inverter
    ◦ Transformer, converter and filter for operation on the utility grid
    ◦ Generator solutions for stand-alone operation and for feeding into the local grid
    ◦ Gas and diesel engines for direct drive of the multiphase pumps
    ◦ Hydraulic drive and control concepts
  • Hydraulic units for lubricating oil for gearboxes and bearings
  • PLC-based control for each individual multiphase pump system
  • Higher-level PLC-based control for the operation of several pumps in parallel operation or operation in series
  • Control in air-conditioned control cabinets, in a container or for installation in local operating rooms
Quantity: 10…10.000 m³/h
Gas content: 10…99.9 % continuous
Drill head / inlet pressure: 1…50 bar, continuous
Pipeline / outlet pressure: 10…200 bar
Differential pressure: up to 150 bar differential pressure
Drive power: 10…10.000 kW / per multi-phase unit


Our multiphase pumps and systems work particularly efficiently when operated close to the oil wells. Our small and medium-sized multiphase pumps are used here in particular. For these multiphase units, we mainly use progressive cavity pumps and single- or double-entry screw pumps.

If the individual oil wells do not produce enough, or all wells have very similar IPR curves, we combine several wells onto one multiphase system for production. Here, our double-flow screw pumps are particularly suitable for the efficient delivery of the oil-gas mixture of clusters or headers.

Depending on the composition and pressure ratios of the multiphase mixture, larger screw pumps, wet gas compressors and Helico-Axial are used in particular for pumping entire fields or platforms. This ensures economic production. However, it can also make sense to combine several small pumping stations in a network. – Get in touch with us!



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