Stator for Bornemann progressive cavity pumps / mono pumps. Our stators are Made in Germany and available in various colours and materials (elastomers).

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Stator for Bornemann EH 1500 progressive cavity pumps / mono pumps

Our stators are Made in Germany and available in various colours and materials (elastomers). The standard stator is black on the inside, is made of NBR, has no sensor holes (“TSE holes”) and no inlet cone.

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Please select which version you need. If you need a special design (or are not sure): Just write a short note in the shopping cart. – Of course, you are welcome to contact our spare parts hotline and we will help you directly.

Our recommendation: Order the rotor assembly kit as well. It contains a few small parts that you should replace when you reattach the rotor to the joint. When disassembling, also check the condition of the rotor. Does it have grooves or other indications of wear? Depending on the medium you are pumping (e.g. toothpaste or media with a lot of solids), a rotor can wear out quite quickly. It is best to purchase both from a single source. This will ensure that the rotor and stator are suitably matched to each other! For a complete maintenance, you should also check the joints on the rotor and on the drive shaft and replace them if necessary.

Our tip: You can send us your old joints. We will then check and renovate them for you. In most cases, this is possible with the replacement of some wearing parts. This is good for the environment and easy on your wallet!

Before reassembling, also check the large flat gasket (drawing item 025) between the pump casing and the bearing housing: is it cracked or otherwise damaged?


The elastomeris available in black colour (this is the standard) or in light colour. The light colour is used to pump light-coloured lacquers or light-coloured food. This prevents the smallest abrasions of the elastomer mixture from changing the colour. Regardless of the elastomer colour, all stators are suitable for food.

TSE drillings. These are prefabricated holes for screwing in temperature sensors. We are also happy to supply you with the matching probes with the stator.

Inlet cone: Our stators are available with a conical inlet cone. This achieves better suction behaviour. Our recommendation: The surcharge is low and the pump sucks better. In some applications, it even reduces the power consumption of your pump.

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