Replacement pump BE4L 1500

Complete replacement pump with identical connection dimensions to an original Bornemann E4L 1500 progressive cavity pump / mono pump


Replacement pump for Bornemann E4L 1500

Replaces a Bornemann E4L 1500 progressive cavity pump / mono pump. Our pump has identical connection dimensions and similar performance characteristics. It can be immediately installed directly as a replacement pump without having to change connections, pipes etc.

Our pumps are Made in Germany and are hand-built by former Bornemann mechanics and technicians. They are in use all over the world and are characterised by high robustness and a long service life.

Of course, you can also stock our pump as a spare pump and use it directly if a pump fails.

Our service, your advantage

We are happy to advise you. Tell us in which area you would like to use your new pump. Typical questions are, for example:

  • What medium do you want to pump? For example, will food be transferred?
  • Under what environmental conditions will the pump be used?
  • Is it in permanent use or is it only switched on periodically?
  • Do you have to avoid sparks?

If this causes your pump to deviate from the standard, we will recommend which materials should be used in your pump and provide you with a proposal tailored to your needs.
We are also happy to supply your replacement pumps ready mounted with motor, on a base plate or with TSE drillings and measuring probes.


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