Assembly kit rotor

Small parts for mounting the rotor on the joint

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Assembly kit rotor for Bornemann E2H 4500 progressive cavity pumps / mono pumps

Contains some small parts that you need to mount a rotor.


2 O-rings
1 Zyko sleeve
1 bolt
2 protective caps

Our recommendation: Change the stator together with the rotor. It usually wears out faster than the rotor and should be replaced now at the latest. – It is best to purchase both from a single source. This will ensure that the rotor and stator are properly matched.

For a complete maintenance, you should also check the joints on the rotor and on the drive shaft and replace them if necessary.

Our tip: You can send us your old joints. We will then check and renovate them for you. In most cases, this is possible with the replacement of some wearing parts. This is good for the environment and easy on your wallet!

Before reassembling, also check the large flat gasket (drawing position 25) between the pump casing and the bearing casing. Is it cracked or otherwise damaged?