Assembly kit mechanical seal

Additional spare parts for changing a mechanical seal

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Assembly kit mechanical seal for Bornemann EL 1500 progressive cavity pumps / mono pumps

Our “Assembly kit mechanical seal for Bornemann EL 1500” contains some spare parts that you should also replace when installing a new mechanical seal.
The mechanical seal (drawing position 095) itself is not included.


In this pump type, either a soft packing / stuffing box packing or a mechanical seal is installed. The mechanical seal is technically more demanding and has a few advantages. However, because it is somewhat more expensive, it is used less frequently. If you are not sure what is installed in your pump, we will of course be happy to help you!

If a mechanical seal is installed: Depending on the application of your pump, different versions are used. In most cases this is the type “MG1”, more rarely “M7N” or a “double-acting mechanical seal”. Here too, of course, simply contact us if you are not sure which type of mechanical seal is installed in your case!


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