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Multiphase Aided Field Development

The evening atmosphere on the right is idyllic, isn’t it? But take a look at the interactive graphic below for the whole truth:

Multiphase technology makes an important contribution to the more efficient use of global oil and gas resources. Regardless of commercial data, this aspect is a key driver for our activities. The correct application of multiphase plants significantly increases the degree of deoiling of a reservoir, even with simultaneous utilisation of the gas deposits. This means that a much larger part of the existing oil and gas reserves can be utilised, and at relatively low cost.

Take a look at the CO2 Uhr. It shows in how many years we will have reached a global warming of 2°C with the current use of our resources. – Try the 1.5°C button!

Many thanks for the Mercator Research Institute in Berlin for providing this impressive presentation.

How can we make our contribution?

Multiphase boosting is the most flexible technology in the field of artificial lifting because it can be used in a very wide range of applications due to different pumping technologies. Furthermore, it is the primary field development technology that can be combined with most other technologies over the course of the total production life of a well, and even enhances the operation of these other technologies, e.g. ESP or downhole pumps.

With GERMAN LEGACY Multiphase Aided Field Development, the deposit owner realises early on the benefits of multiphase technology, such as increased yield and capital value. He can take the technology into account at an early stage in the planning. GERMAN LEGACY is a leader in this field and provides the necessary engineering independently of technology and manufacturers.


Ideally, evaluations for efficient use are already part of the FEED (Front End Engineering Development), because they significantly improve the economic data of the project and the necessary measures are identified at an early stage.

The economic figures are improved because the application of multiphase technology:

  • The production rate is increased and thus more oil is produced in less time
  • The planning for flowlines and boreholes can already take future situations into account. Costly subsequent modifications to existing systems are no longer necessary.

The most sensible time to start installing multiphase pumps is during the plateau production of a field. This means that this production level can be kept constant over a longer period of time. If, at a later point in time, the production nevertheless decreases, a further solution is worked out individually for each borehole. This solution is then based purely on the individual requirements of the well and the part of the reservoir from which that well produces. – Completely independent of the back pressures generated by pipelines or separators.

Based on a field study, this reduces installed power by about 50% and typically lowers head pressures by an additional 200 psi, resulting in significant cost savings and increased production. The latter not only through the reduction of back pressures, but also through plant availabilities of up to 98% and more.

We accompany our customers from the very beginning and determine the most economical solution for pumping with multiphase pumps for the respective field, from individual boreholes to complete fields.

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