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State of the art and tradition

Tradition is important for us. We produce Made in Germany and work with a network of selected partners, who offer work of the highest quality. These partners consist not only of smaller local businesses but also of prominent worldwide suppliers. Our pumps and facilities are in operation all over the world. To deploy them, we co-operate with a global network of associates. Our partners support us not only in sales and distribution but also with local assembly or more specifically with system operations. Moreover, we promote social projects and clubs with our resources.


Products tested, manufactured and tested by specialist workers and engineers from Germany- Verein Deutscher Ingenieure:
Expertise in reservoirs, transportation and processing of Oil and Gas- Society of Petroleum Engineers:

Museums in our vicinity

We can show you our roots in Bornemann*, a traditional company! From the metalworking shop to technological leader in the field of screw pumps- Museum Obernkirchen: and the historic metalworking shop: Historic Metalworking ShopBornemann*.

Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) is a region in which oil production technology has a rich tradition. German Legacy was formed in the center of this tradition. The historical development of the first oilfield worldwide is graphically described in the Oil Museum in Wietze:

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