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Oil & Gas

German Legacy screw pumps are extremely reliable and guarantee a maximum lifespan for processing. The continuous transportation of oil is of central importance to the economic viability of client systems.

The task of a refinery consists of three steps: separation, conversion and treatment. Each function in these processes serves the purpose of increasing the value of the refined product. Screw pumps are the perfect solution, regardless of what is being transported: fluid with high or low viscosity or fluids with temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.

All hydrocarbons, bitumen, oil sands, additives and oil residues can be transported.

German Legacy pumps with integrated heating tubes for highly viscous fluids can be manufactured for use in pipelines and on platforms. We deliver diverse models with a performance of up to 2,400
and 40 bar differential pressure.

German Legacy screw pumps have low NPSH values which lead to excellent suction. This is ideal, for example, for the transportation of fuel oil (HFO) in power stations, oil terminals and tank farms.

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