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Chemistry / Petrochemistry

Screw pumps from GERMAN LEGACY are used in the chemical industry in areas where fluids with high viscosity, non-Newtonian or shear-sensitive substances are pumped.

The operating principle of GERMAN LEGACY screw pumps guarantees the lowest pulsation and shearing effect. A single pump covers a very wide viscosity and pressure range, making it the ideal solution in pumping polymers, pastes and other chemicals.

To meet chemical requirements, we also manufacture our GERMAN LEGACY pumps in stainless steel, duplex and super duplex.

Paints and lacquers are safely conveyed into containers or to the spraying systems with low pulsation.

In refineries, GERMAN LEGACY screw pumps are used in particular to pump those materials that are referred to as “heavy ends”, i.e. bitumen, tar, slopes and the like.

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