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Industries / Applications

GERMAN LEGACY screw pumps ensure that systems run safely and the media are conveyed reliably in important industries. Our customers rely on our pumps to run at all times, ensuring plant availability.

We deliver performance in pumps and process technology!

Oil & Gas

GERMAN LEGACY screw pumps are very reliable in operation and therefore guarantee maximum running times in the process. Particularly in the case of continuous oil production, this is essential for the economic efficiency of customer plants.

Industrial-, Oil- and Tank Farms

Our screw pumps are successfully used in tank terminals worldwide. A wide variety of products, from petrol to bitumen, can be conveyed. This applies to the loading and unloading of ships, wagons and tankers as well as to pumping from tank to tank or through long pipelines.

Chemistry / Petrochemistry

Screw pumps from GERMAN LEGACY are used in the chemical industry in areas where fluids with high viscosity, non-Newtonian or shear-sensitive substances are pumped.


In the marine sector, screw pumps are used in particular as cargo pumps for inland vessels and medium-sized tankers. They ensure that the ships are loaded and unloaded in the shortest possible time at all times and that residual emptying (stripping) is also always guaranteed.

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