Keeping your fluids flowing


Wasted gas: methane from oil production

Everyone has these images in mind: one imagines an oil production facility with one or more chimneys on which a gas flare burns day and night. The picture is idyllic, isn't it? But it means that while oil is being extracted, the methane gas that comes to light in the...
Fludyn BE4H progressive cavity pump with drive on a stainless steel base plate

A real eye-catcher

(okay, we're biased...) A powerful, four-stage BE4H1500 mono pump / progressive cavity pump for fruit juices with special internal food coating. It was mounted together with the drive on a custom-made stainless steel base plate. The pump has just been finished and is...

Our new partner for progressive cavity pump service

We are expanding our partner network to include spare parts for progressive cavity pumps / mono pumps.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish all our customers, suppliers and partners a few relaxing holidays! Last year was a challenging and also instructive year for all of us. It was anything but boring and we thank you for your patience, your encouragement and the trust you have placed in us. No...
Produktionshalle, Lagerhalle leer, renoviert

We are expanding our production facilities

… with an additional production and storage hall. On about 2,000 sqm, a new area for the production of our multiphase pumps is being built. The new hall will also include a logistics area for multiphase rental units and an expanded warehouse for spare and wear parts.

G. Legacy supports Run Against Hunger

Floods, earthquakes, hunger - there are many occasions when charitable help is urgently needed. That's why it was a matter of course for us to support the sponsored run of the Bückeburg schools. A good idea that we are happy to be a part of: For every lap run, a...
Bürogebäude, Produktionshalle, Office building, production hall

We have moved!

After it had become too cramped at our previous location, we have now taken another development step. G. Legacy Pumpen & Prozesstechnik GmbH has moved. We are pleased to have much larger office, storage and assembly space. Now with three times the space, we are in...
Fluid Science Dynamic Logo

Strategic partnership for Multiphase Boosting concluded

G. Legacy and FluidScience Dynamics (FSD) intensify their long-standing business relationship through a strategic partnership. The aim is to combine many years of experience to provide the oil and gas industry with efficient solutions for multiphase technology. In return, FSD acquires a stake in G. Legacy Pumpen & Prozesstechnik GmbH (GERMAN LEGACY) as a further industrial shareholder.

GLPP Exhibition in Malaysia

Fair Malaysia 2018

Malaysia is a growing market with many opportunities for multiphase applications and multiphase boosting. We support PETRONAS with MAFD studies.

Relaunch of our website & new logo

We are pleased to present our new website. It reflects our values and the way we do business. At the same time, it presents our know-how for multi-phase boosting, artificial lift solutions but also our core products in the …

We will keep you informed!

Our website regularly publishes news on the development of twin screw pumps, multiphase boosting and pump solutions for the oil and gas sector. If you would like to receive a short message by email when there is something new, send us a message here and you will always be up to date with our activities!

Keeping your fluids flowing!

We know how important pump technology is in your systems. That is why we develop pumps and process technology that are geared to the highest standards. With our products we are a reliable partner for marine, tank farms, refineries, oil production etc….

Products and Solutions

We produce and sell pumps and process technology that ensures that our customers can operate their systems reliably.

Our focus is also where our roots lie, in screw pumps, analogous to the pumps from Bornemann*.

Industries and applications

GERMAN LEGACY screw pumps ensure that systems run safely and the media are conveyed reliably in important industries.

Our customers trust our pumps to run at all times, ensuring plant availability.

Multiphase Boosting

The clock is ticking…

Oil and gas are important resources of our planet. We should handle it carefully and responsibly. Unfortunately, however, in many parts of the world gas is still regarded as a waste product and is flared off. Burning methane gas pointlessly increases CO2 emissions and moves us further away from the climate goals that are important to all of us. – Click on the clock to see in how many years we will already reach a 1.5°C increase in global warming!

Our Multiphase Boosting technologies put an end to this. We see this as a small but very meaningful contribution to our planet.

Inform yourself about the different techniques, their advantages and disadvantages as well as the possible applications. The chapter contains a glossary of the most important terms in the oil and gas industry with a special focus on multiphase applications.

The “FAQ” section offers many answers to questions about multiphase technology.


Modernity and tradition in pump construction

We are a group of Bornemann* engineers, technicians and application consultants with over 150 years of experience. As a company from the German SME sector, we are flexibly positioned. Customer proximity is important to us and we are locally represented in the core markets worldwide.


We offer spare parts for your pumps, repairs and commissioning up to full service within the scope of maintenance contracts.

We commission your systems, pay attention to the environmental conditions on site and optimise the systems for you.

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